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A true politician hardly comes by, however if i'd choose one as an honest politician then it'll be that politicians World Health Organization respect rule of law. each government has its own governance system with its own principals, that if obeyed equity and equality are ascertained and everybody can like the national cake. an honest politician is that the one that creates certain that every one mortals square measure equal by the actual fact of being human.

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1. Stay out of hassle and use caution once you use the web that you simply do not say something you aren’t ready to defend.
2.Go to university and study a specific square measure of policy or government & law.
Work in the sphere for eight or nine years and obtain to understand folks from connected fields and create friends with them.
3.Go to associate degree MP or representative UN agency shares your values/political party and apply for employment in their workplace.
4.Learn the trade and raise immeasurable queries. scan books and watch youtube videos on however the form of government in your country works.
5.Talk to your MP and indicate your interest within the position.
6.Follow the method associate degreed if necessary work with the party in an body role for one more number of years.
7.Try and build a rock solid platform supported arduous policy you and therefore the voters need or want.
8.Respect your political opponent (with exceptions) and run arduous to induce an honest share of the population on your aspect.
9.If you fail; putting your all into within the intervening years at correcting mistakes in your run rising policy positions and creating a listing of wherever the politician UN agency beat you unsuccessful.

10.Run once more & hopefully win!

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